Documents, photographs, interviews, and more organized in archives tell stories. Who and what are collected in such archives determines the sort of story that is ultimately told, and it should be kept in mind when looking through the documents and images through this site what more in the band's history is left untold decades after events have passed.

However, with the evidence that is available, we can begin to put together pieces. The stories below range from first-hand accounts in the form of interviews, the development of band music told through a lecture-concert, and articles that use archival items to focus on specific events and movements in the band's history.

Personal Accounts

1974 Don Lentz Interview
Conversation with the Recently Retired Director of Bands
2019 Rosemary Johnson Interview
Conversation with a Band Staff Member of 41 Years
The Band Collection in Archives
By Pride of the Cornhuskers Author Gary Steffens


"Marches and Songs of the Cornhuskers"
125th Anniversary Concert, 2005

Coming Soon

"Theatrical Fiasco"
The Tale of a Provocative 1970 Halftime Show
The Uniforms
A Look at the Many Uniforms Since 1879